A brief history of failure

A nice photo collection of small, big and epic failures - the Failblog

Rock at ISSCC

I assume, we will give more informations about Rock at the ISSCC´08 on Monday. In the advance program of the event you will find two sessions about our upcoming processor:...

Grasende Giraffa hamburgiensis

(für Frau D.)

links for 2008-01-31

Die InnoDB Storage Engine - Die wunderbare Welt von Isotopp (tags: Kris about the InnoDB Engine of Mysql)

Hostile benchmarking

Network Appliannce works really hard on the title “major annoyment”: NetApp posts a benchmark for an EMC Clariion device. This will spark some heated discussions in the next few days...

Three and a half hour

I´ve read a review for the new Samsung 1TB. The review itself isn´t such an interesting piece of information. It´s a little fact, i didn´t thought of before albeit it´s...


New Power6 systems

IBM announced new Power6 based systems today. The p520 Express and the p550 Express. This announcement is somewhat hidden in the PowerVM announcement.Well, now legions of IBM sales reps will...

Noch mehr Schwarz-Geld!

Diesmal in der Berliner Umschau: Oder auch Capital(Dank an Alex):


links for 2008-01-30

Why Sun should've -- and probably could've -- bought Sybase (tags: database sun)

Vanity names for network interfaces

Sebastien posted a walk through a really nice feature that found it´s way to the Opensolaris build 83: vanity names for network interfaces. Now you can give any name you...


After all this offerings from Oracle, Sun and so on, IBM had something to do about virtualisation: And IBM does what they do everytime in this case … bundling old...

Hamburg Harbour


Schon wieder ein freudscher Verschreiber … diesmal bei der FAZ. Warum denken nur so viele bei bei einer CDU/FDP-Koalition an Schwarzgeld statt an Schwarzgelb ;)

Sun Modular Datacenter S20

It´s an official product now. In this process Project Blackbox was renamed to Sun Modular Datacenter S20. But as usual: There is no chance to get the code name “Blackbox”...

VMware 26% percent down.

The market capitalisation of VMware is based on revenue growth fantasies with huge double digit numbers. Yesterday, they forecasted a “bad” 2008: 50% revenue growth instead of 88% this year....

End of enterprise high end storage?

What is high end enterprise storage? This huge bad-ass high performance storage arrays in the size of multiples of racks? At the end: Not much more than a SAN in...

Bruce Schneier about security and privacy

Excellent article about the post 9/11 security society - What Our Top Spy Doesn’t Get: Security and Privacy Aren’t Opposites: But it's still a false dichotomy. There is no security...

Freudscher Verschreiber ;)

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