Less known Solaris features: RBAC and Privileges - Part 4: Epilogue

The story of root - reprise
And then there was root again. And root was allmighty. And this time, it wasn´t a bad thing. root was able to distribute the powers between the servants. But no one was as powerful as root. They had only the powers to do their job. But not more. One servant had still the problem with to many prayers, but now this servant wasn´t able to destroy the world. Even the mere mortals learned to use the power of root. Only a small group of trusted priests had the knowledge of magic chant to speak through root. All other had only the knowledge of minor chants to pray for their special wishes. root got really cautious to give away his powers. From this day forth root casted only the absolutly needed powers to his servants and believers. And the world of root was a more secure place. It was still possible to destroy the world, but now it was much harder as there were now several guardians to protect the power of root. The End Interesting Links Documentation
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SMF and RBAC authorizations
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