Pretty clear objective ...

In my humble opinion the objective of this “Oracle shouldn’t get Mysql” is pretty clear now. The Register reports about an discussion with Florian Müller in “Sun’s MySQL fork survival theory ripped”. It isn’t about the source. It isn’t about the technology. It isn’t about competition. It’s about the brand.

"The value of the brand is huge - that's why the valuation is so great. MariaDB [the MySQL fork created by founder Monty Widenius] - it would take a long while to get there."

I assume, that Mr. Widenius has recognized that that MariaDB is an horrible name for marketing and wants the “Mysql” back. The critics of the Oracle/Sun merger don’t want to establish a new name. Some of the proponents just saw that you can’t sell the cake and eat it, too. I think the article “MYSQL FOUNDER OUTLINES SOLUTION: INSTEAD OF LETTING SUN SUFFER, ORACLE SHOULD SELL MYSQL (ORCL, JAVA)” from Mr. Widenius is really interesting:

In order to support the regulators' work on the case, Widenius' new company, Monty Program Ab, works closely with Florian Mueller, a MySQL and EU affairs expert. Widenius said: "Florian gave MySQL strategic advice from 2001 on and was a shareholder until the sale to Sun in 2008, and with our support led an award-winning campaign against a proposed EU law on software patents. In August he helped us to demonstrate to the EC the need to investigate this merger and he is now on board again to meet the information needs of regulators, journalists and analysts."

In my opinion, Mr. Mueller is not much more than a lobbyist for the interests of Monty Programm Ab. At least this press release reads this way. I can imagine how the proposed solution should look like: Oracle wants to stop loss, sell Mysql for a few million back to Monty AB (he has enough money due to the acquisition of Mysql by Sun) and Mr. Widenius has perfected the eat and sell cake. Sorry … Sun paid a large heap of money to purchase Mysql … not only for this code, but for the brand, too. As i assumed before, it’s just the money that surrounds the mysql … it’s not about Mysql and it’s development. “Hey … selling it to you was a big mistake, we want it back … but hey … we keep the money”. It doesn’t work that way. This behaviour isn’t that far away from blackmailing: “I was able to block something important for you, and i will only step out of the way, when i get what i want”. Disgusting. They play with 30.000 employees. But i’m pretty opinionated, that Larry shouldn’t give in to such a behavior. Really, really disgusting. By the way: Establishing a new fork is really simple because of the way, most Mysql installations were distributed to the customers. Just get Fedora, Debian, Suse and let’s say Ubuntu into the boat when you fork Mysql and the branding is no issue at all. Because most of the Linux admins doesn’t search for their packages at the internet … they just ask their package manager.