Quotes from the new overview/FAQ document regarding the Oracle/Sun merger

There is a new overview/FAQ document regarding the planned Oracle/Sun merger available at oracle.com. I will cite some key passages in this article.


After the transaction closes, Oracle plans to continue developing and supporting OpenOffice as open source. As before, some of the larger customers will ask for extra assurances, support, and enterprise tools. For these customers we expect to offer a typical commercial license option.


Oracle plans to spend more money developing MySQL than Sun does now. Oracle expects to continue to develop and provide the open source MySQL database after the transaction closes. Oracle plans to add MySQL to Oracle’s existing suite of database products, which already includes Berkeley DB, an open source database.


Oracle plans to continue evolving GlassFish Enterprise Server, delivering it as the open source reference implementation (RI) of the Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) specifications, and actively supporting the large GlassFish community.</blockquote


We expect to continue Sun’s desktop virtualization products: VDI, Secure Global Desktop, Sun Ray, and VirtualBox.


Sun’s products and investments in silicon, switching, and software in networking are core to our plans for developing clusters of servers and storage that deliver the highest possible performance and manageability. We plan to enhance investments in this area, particularly in software, so that we can deliver these integrated systems.


We plan to enhance investments in Sun’s storage core areas, with a focus on integration, performance, manageability, and security.


We plan to continue to engineer server and appliance products based on x86.


We plan to enhance our investment in the SPARC processor and in SPARC systems, combined with software engineering, to continue to create leadership in highly energy efficient, scalable, and mission critical systems.


Oracle plans to enhance our investment in Solaris to push core technologies to the next level as quickly as possible.

Systems for other things than Oracle, Oracle on other vendors systems

In addition to offering a complete system to its customers, Oracle plans to continue to build leading hardware and software system components using technologies based on open standards, giving customers choice.

Ops Center

Oracle Enterprise Manager and Sun Ops Center are expected to combine and deliver to customers the most complete top-down application and systems management environment from applications to hardware.