Opensolaris User Group leaders meeting in Dresden

So … i just attended the Opensolaris User Group Meeting. From my perspective, it was an insightful meeting:

  • Joy - leader of the user group in London - was right with her statement: An OSUG isn't just a sequence of meetings. There must be more. Activities like preparing packages (some members of the HHOSUG already suggested that and we should start this project now) or maybe more contact to universities. We have to do more. I think i will discuss this in the next HHOSUG meeting and on our mailing list.
  • The OSUGs are pretty different in nature: The loosely knitted OSUG of Osnabrueck (from my perspective) or the heavily structured OSUG of Serbia. But the challenges are similar. How to convince people to do a presentation ... especially the ones, not working at Sun. And not everyone likes the thought to speak in front of a larger number of people ...
  • I really thing there should be vastly more communication between the OSUGs. I think there is a large amount of knowledge to share. And the OSUGs are a good place to do so.
  • Was nice to meet Mika in personal as he is reading my blog for quite a time now. Would really like to hold a presentation at the OSUG in ZRH. Would allow me to get an additional mug from Starbucks ;) But at foremost: Help spreading the word on Solaris.
  • A huge "Thank you" to Teresa for hosting and moderating the event :)