Less Known Solaris features: Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit - Part 6: Prerequisites

Okay, before working with the Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit we have to prepare some stuff. We need systems, a network (as fast as possible to reduce installation time, but even 10 MBit/s would suffice), operating system ISOs etc. Okay … We need several systems for this test. I´ve used Virtualbox in the preparation of this tutorial. You can use other virtualisation software, but one thing is important: It must support PXE boot of the guests. I´ve populated my /etc/hosts with the following hostnames. In the case you wonder about the hostnames, these names are characters from Ghost in a Shell. And just in case you search for kusanagi … this is the name for the system hosting the virtual machines: aramaki<br />	togusa<br />	ishikawa

In my tutorial aramaki will serve as the Jumpstart server, togusa and ishikawa are the installation targets.

Packages and ISOs

For this tutorial i´ve used the following packages and ISOs: