Less Known Solaris features: Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit - Part 5: The toolkit

Now we get to the tool that will be the centerpoint of the whole tutorial: The Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit. This tool was started as an internal tool by some project engineers to make their job easier. And with the time a really mighty tool was born.

The basic idea behind JET

The Jumptart Enterprise Toolkit (JET) was designed as an add-on to the normal Jumpstart process. It solves two major challenges:

With both issues in mind, some Sun Engineers start to develop the Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit. Basically it´s a bunch of clever shell scripts.

When using JET you don´t have to hassle around with all this files explained before, making the installation easier.

Additional features of JET

JET isn´t just a config generator for Jumpstart. You can configure JET in a way to fully customize your system. Much of this capabilies comes from a link called S99jumpstart or the respective SMF service. This script has an important role: It executes further actions on the system on following boots. For example, the mirroring of harddisks isn´t done by integrated functionalities of Solaris Jumpstart. Those would make this action unavailable on Solaris 8 for example.. It´s done by a script located on the server and made available by NFS, but executed on the client by using the S99jumpstart script. This concept makes the JET a very flexible tool.