Less Known Solaris features: Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit - Part 7: Installing the JET Server

After gathering all parts for the installation, we can install the first part of our new JET server.

Preparation of the system

A jumpstart server doesn´t have to be a big server. But it´s good practice to take the following into consideration:

When you have found a good place for your JET server, we can start with the installation.

The installation

After copying the JET package somehere on our new Jumpstart server, we have to install the package:

# pkgadd -d jet.pkg 
The following packages are available:<br />
  1  JetEXPLO       jet explo product<br />
                    (sparc) 3.1.11<br />
  2  JetFLASH       JET flash product<br />
                    (sparc) 3.1.8<br />
  3  JetJASS        JASS product<br />
                    (sparc) 3.0.14<br />
  4  JetRBAC        JET RBAC product<br />
                    (sparc) 1.1.5<br />
  5  JetSAN         JET san product<br />
                    (sparc) 3.1.7<br />
  6  JetSBD         Secure By Default product<br />
                    (sparc) 1.0.2<br />
  7  JetSDS         JET sds product<br />
                    (sparc,i386) 3.4.4<br />
  8  JetVTS         JET VTS product<br />
                    (sparc) 3.0.11<br />
  9  JetWanBoot     JET WanBoot support<br />
                    (sparc) 1.1.1<br />
 10  JetZONES       JET Zones module<br />
                    (sparc) 1.1.12
... 2 more menu choices to follow;<br />
<RETURN> for more choices, <CTRL-D> to stop display:
 11  SUNWjet        Sun JumpStart Enterprise Toolkit<br />
                    (sparc,i386) 4.4<br />
 12  SUNWjetd       JET Documentation<br />
                    (sparc) 3.3.1
Select package(s) you wish to process (or 'all' to process<br />
all packages). (default: all) [?,??,q]: all<br />

All this modules implements in the JET framework:

As the package is quite small with half a megabyte, i always install all packages on a jumpstartserver.

<br />
Processing package instance <SUNWjet> from </root/jet.pkg>
Sun JumpStart Enterprise Toolkit(sparc,i386) 4.4<br />
Copyright 2007 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.<br />
Use is subject to license terms.
The selected base directory </opt/SUNWjet> must exist before<br />
installation is attempted.
Do you want this directory created now [y,n,?,q] y<br />
Using </opt/SUNWjet> as the package base directory.
Processing package instance <JetSBD> from </root/jet.pkg>
Secure By Default product(sparc) 1.0.2
#<br />

This is all we have to do for the installation. Easy, isn´t it ?