Trip to California - Hotels

It looks like, there are some people who wants to do something similar in a vacation and asked for the hotels i´ve used at my trip. Before i answer the people with a mail for each, i will do it per blog entry. In total it were four throughout the trip. Just to say it frontup: I don´t like this 39$ motels. When you do business travel on a regular schedule those cheaper hotels are a real downer. And i was able to get quite reasonable prices by booking via Internet. So it wasn´t as half as expensive as you may think after reading this article. Sheraton Fishermens Wharf
This hotel was nice. It was directly in the Fishermens Wharf district so in the touristic central of San Francisco. As it wasn´t directly at the Fishermens Wharf it was reasonable quiet with the exception of the historic street trains passing i regular schedules. So a room away from Beach St would be a reasonable choice. On the other side: Those rooms at the Beach St with the Radisson at the other side have an reaaallly big advantage … ;) The rooms were nice. The best TV set of all the hotels at this vacation … a big LCD. You can put a 15 inch MacBook Pro in the safe. The big downer of this hotel: The prices for parking. Those were outright ridiclious. We would have payed more for parking than for lodging if we had used it throughout the whole time. Comfort Inn in Oakhurst
Well … there wasn´t a well-known hotel company in Oakhurst so i had to opt for one of this *-Inns. I must admit, that the “free wireless” was an important criteria for me to choose this hotel. Well .. the Internet is incredible slow at this hotel. On the other side: The continental breakfast wasn´t a continental breakfast … it was more american but without all this stuff incompatible to german early-morning stomaches (like bacon or sausages). The waffles (you get the “dough” and you can do them on your own) were nice. The downers at this hotel: The cleaning services use too much chlorine detergents to clean the room. The first two hours the room was quite unacceptable. But the room itself was acceptable. i was told later on that drowing the room with chlorine is quite usual for hotels in the US. No safe in the room. So i had to carry the notebook with me Paris Las Vegas in Las Vegas
After the experiment with a Inn i wasn´t that risk-friendly with the next hotel. I knew that the Paris Las Vegas is an acceptable hotel at a reasonable price. I stayed twice there because of the CEC. Wireless Internet costs $14.99 there. We skipped the breakfast buffets there … i don´t wait an hour just for such a breakfast. And as there is a Wholefoods at the beginning of the Strip and a Starbucks in the Planet Hollywood hotel (the hotel next to the right when you stand in front of the Paris looking to the Paris) there were better and faster alternatives.
Safe large enough for a 15 inch Notebook. Hilton - Universal City
This was the last hotel in the US and it was meant as a station between Las Vegas and San Francisco. Good rooms. Nice location (Universal City is on the other side of the street). Adjactent to the the 101 in the north of the Los Angeles area, so we didn´t need so much time for leaving Los Angeles. Wireless Internet for $9.99, Parking $17.99. Both prices were cheap compared with the prices at the Sheraton at the start of the journey. Safe looks large enough to drop a 17 inch Macbook Pro in it. Conclusion
There wasn´t an EPIC FAIL within the hotels and all hotels were at least acceptable. You could sleep in all of them, they were clean and most of the time quite quiet. Perhaps this list helps you with your own planing.