Recommended listening: Röyksopp - Junior

Okay … i already see questions in your mind … what did Mr. Moellenkamp smoked to recommended this music. A few days ago a metalized version of Careless whisper and now electro pop. Just to answer this question: Nothing. Due to my vacation and the preparation of my vacation i missed the new album from Röyksopp. Röyksopp? Yes, it´s a norwegian group making electronic music. Many Mac Users know their music, at least one title, as their song Eple was the music in the Setup Assistant of Mac OS X v 10.3 Panther. After four long years since The Unterstanding, they published a new album: Junior. I´ve just downloaded it and i´m really linking it. It´s something like a mix of their first (Melody A.M.) and their second album (the already mentioned Unterstanding album). It´s melodic and danceable like Understanding, but has many parallels to Melody. Why do i like it … don´t know … but the music matched my mood at the moment really good. I just wan´t to recommend a few songs here: Röyksopp forever is a good example for the great instrumental track from this group. My favorite songs of this album are “This must be it”, “The Girl and the Robot” and “You don´t have a clue”.