Spin Doctoring by HP

You can say everything about HP, for example that they are an printer supply company with an descending server business or that they selled the business unit with the best hp products, when they´ve spinned-off Agilent or that they are bound to an increasingly insignificant itanic processor technology, that will have it´s breakthrough “real soon now” (as in the last few years) , but you can´t say that their messages to the press are not highly entertaining: HP supports Solaris 10 on their Servers and packages this message in HP Simplifies Migration for Sun Solaris Customers to More Affordable, Higher-Performing HP ProLiant Systems” Well, the one billion are the perhaps the number of old E250 that gone out of service, when we hat no descent opteron server in our portfolio. Dear HP, i would find the numbers quite interesing, how your Opteron/Xeon business predated your high-margin PA-RISC business. And your HPUX is years behind Solaris, and heck … is there an HPUX for Opteron ? ;) The good message after all: HP supports Solaris 10, so i welcome you to be one of our valued channels for Solaris adoption.