Today the it was announced by an official communication here in Germany. Thus i think i can now write about it here. At the beginning of this month i was announced as a PFT. Yes, this strange acronym i didn’t explained at that moment. Now i’m a member of this group and i can explain it to you: The PFT stands for Principal Field Technologist. The manager at Sun can’t promote you to this, you have to go through a peer review by the members of this group to be a member of this group of technologists. This worldwide group consists out of technical leading employees from the ranks of Systems Engineering, Professional Services and Support Services. Thus i’m a little bit proud of it. But i don’t write this mail to tell you about this. That’s not the purpose of this article, at least not the most important one. I want to thank those people who answered to this article with a mail. I’ve included all responses in my application to the PFT circle and i’m sure there were a decisive factor in this step. And i want to thank Mikael Lofstrand, who was my PFT guide and helped me through the application process.