Do-it-yourself X4500 ?

I hate the big discussion forums at IT news sites. They are full of trolls. My favourite trollishness at the moment is the comment “The X4500 is fucking expensive. I can build one of my own for 10 grands”. Okay, let´s talk about this statement. Well, surely you can build one, perhaps much cheaper than Sun. But is it really the same? Or is it only a cheap ripoff of an X4500 that has only the capacity in common. For an outsider the X4500 looks like an normal opteron server with 48 disks. But it starts with the mainboard. It isn´t a standard mainboard. Consider the follwing things:

You should look at this diagram to get an overview of the special design of this board. It´s designed specifically for it´s task:

I havn´t even mentioned RAS-Feature, Lights-out-management, Airflow-Design, Serviceability (eg. changing the CPU-Unit). Before somebody tell me again, that he can build a X4500 for 10 grands, please read the architecture white paper of the X4500. Until then, youshould think twice before making bold statements. And to all customers of such systems: When a competitor shows you a similar system, you should look with care on the internal architecture. Perhaps they will sell you the cheap ripoff.