Strange things in Russia

The reports about strange news. According to a russian governmental web page, Oracle is said to have withdrawn a regulatory filing in regard of the Sun Oracle/Merger. The strange thing:

29 октября 2009 г. в ФАС России поступила просьба компании «Оракл Корпорейшн» (Oracle Corporation) об отзыве ходатайства вх. № 33986 от 4 августа 2009 г. о получении согласия на приобретение прав, позволяющих определять условия осуществления предпринимательской деятельности ООО «Сан Майкросистемс СПБ», ЗАО «Сан Майкросистемс» и ООО «Май Эс Кью Эл» без вынесения решения по существу.
30 октября 2009 г. ФАС России данную просьбу удовлетворил.

Or in English via Google Translate:

October 29, 2009 FAS Russia received a request from the company Oracle Corporation »(Oracle Corporation) to withdraw the application Rin. Number 33986 dated 4 August 2009 for consent for the acquisition of rights allowing to determine the conditions of doing business OOO Sun Microsystems SPB, JSC "Sun Microsystems" and OOO "May Ess Que El" without ruling on the merits.
October 30, 2009, FAS Russia granted the request.

The FAS website announced yesterday, that it had granted the request today? WTF? Anyway: I wouldn’t draw any conclusions in regard of the merger out of it. Perhaps Oracle thinks that the request is unnecessary or they want to file a new one. I will just wait for an official comment by Oracle. And by the way: Why should Oracle issue a new FAQ paper about future intentions with Sun products on October 28th when they want to withdraw the offer? Really strange ….