What a bad day ...

Yesterday was really one of my worst days in the last months … no … in the last years. I forgot the rule “You should never go to a dentist on a Friday”. My dentist made some new inlays (so i don’t have a single amalgan inlay now, just composite(?, the white paste) ones) but a root canal treatment, too. And the later one gave me the mother of all toothaches over the day. It was that bad, that i had to visit the dentist emergency service in the army hospital here (they are an regular hospital, too. At foremost they do the emergency service for dentistry in the evening) in Hamburg. This was the most brutal visit at a dentist i ever had, but now the tooth doesn’t hurt that much any longer. However i had still toothache after the treatment there, so i walked the 5km back home through the relatively cold weather. However when i arrived at home, the toothache was acceptable low. When you really want to hear a scary dentist story i should report about a apicoectomy 16 years ago:

Joerg: "Mum, they told me, that they use a new method. They carve a bone platelet with a chisel out of the jaw, cut the root, and lay it back. Carve ... doesn't sound enjoyable ..."
Mum: "Jörg, don't be such an coward. I assume that chisel is just the name for an medical tool. They won't use a hammer and a chisel".

Well, that was a misjudgment ;) This still gnaws at her conscience when i’m joking about dentists. 14 years later i’ve learned, that the “bone platelet method” was just a short fashion in dentistry.