A clarification in regard of the SXCE EOL

Okay, i have the inkling, that there is something on the pathto be misunderstood: The End-of-Live of SXCE isn’t the end of an open-source Opensolaris. Vastly simplified its just one thing: Switching over the OS consolidations building the thing called Solaris or Opensolaris Community Edition from SVR4 packages (old packaging) to IPS (new packaging). Nothing more, but on the other side nothing less, because it’s quite a project. The will be no SXCE distribution (old style) at a future point in time, but there will distribution that produces the same result on the disk, just with a different packaging and still with the capability to install on it’s own. As Glynn wrote:

Technologies such as IPS, Automated Install, Snap Upgrade and the Distribution Constructor will be integrating into a consolidation after following through the established processes including architectural (ARC) review.

At the end we are on our way to the next version of Solaris (yes, there is a life after 10 ;) ) and this is one of the steps which will lead to a Solaris that you can install like OpenSolaris.