The IBM FUD thrower

I just found this piece of FUD in a tweet. IBM tries to move Sun customers to their pSeries. I don’t want to talk about the point, that they have to give massive discounts to do so, so the story of “an uncertain future” for Sun in the light of the proposed Oracle merger doesn’t seem to generate the intended attraction. But this is a different story. At the end it’s just the current fashion in FUD. But it was pretty obvious that they would roll out their FUD thrower out the the garage.
As usual the most interesting point is the “Legal Footnote” section you can reach via a link at the bottom of the page:

Okay, when you want to read this marketing bullshit on yourself, you can look at it on IBMs webpage. And don’t forget: After such a migration you have IBM Global Services in your datacenter. Do you really want this? ;)