The Oracle/Sun deal in the news

The eweek writes in WEEK Labs on Sun-Oracle: More Synergy Than Overlap in Product Lines:

After IBM's failed bid for Sun Microsystems, Oracle is swooping in to pick up Sun. eWEEK Labs looked at Oracle's and Sun's product lines and found more synergy than overlap--much more synergy than with an IBM-Sun matchup. Oracle will get a boost in the hardware, virtualization and operating system categories.

That one is easy. Oracle has no hardware, no tapes, no tape drives, an Sun doesn´t have an ERP system or an high-end database system. You don´t have to be an expert to see that Oracle and Sun doesn´t have much overlapping stuff. This may be one of the reasons, why it´s easy to guess that “Oracle, Sun Deal Not Likely to Hit Antitrust Objections”. IBM and Sun would practically own the high-end server market or the high-end enterprise tape market (No, LTO isn´t high-end enterprise tape). During the existence of the Sun/IBM deal i thought often about the anti-trust implication and if someone really believes, this will go through anti-trust regulations. The Computerworld ask Can Oracle make sense of Sun’s hardware?. Hell, yeah, what the hack could Oracle do with Rock. What the heck a developer of a database used for on-line transaction processing could do with a processor with transactional memory ;) I find all this questions about “Is Oracle serious about hardware?” a little bit strange. They just announced to spend $7.4bn on this seriousness. You can say about Sun what you want, but we can build hardware … serious hardware. I assume Oracle is serious about hardware.