Some personal thoughts about the Oracle/Sun deal

My retired father reads business news quite often a day and as his son happens to work at Sun, he reads everything about Sun. So everytime i visit my parents there is a discussion about all the stuff happens at Sun as far as i doesn´t disclose any secrets. BTW: He already knows my opinion about the journalists. After the announcement of the deal i´ve got a call from him. Camouflaged by a different question, that could wait for some hours, he asked “ “What do you think about this deal?”. I know he was curious. Well … i didn´t really thought about it at that moment. My first thoughts were more like “Thank godness. It´s not IBM.” and i was working on my presentation for Graz on Saturday. I wasn´t fond of the perspectives of working for IBM. I really thought about founding my own startup with some of my tea-cooking ideas (those, i didn´t disclosed in the blog ;) ) for the case there would be an announcement of an IBM/Sun merger. I really think: Better red than blue. Much better. Obviously i started to read everything available about the deal like the mail from Jonathan or the press releases or comments by journalists. By the way: There was someone who forwarding the mail from Jonathan directly to Slashdot. WTF …. My feeling in the gut thinks positive about this deal: When you really think about an IBM acqusition of Sun, it would more like taking out a competitor. When the deal with Oracle can be closed, there will be interesting opportunities instead. I don´t know where this journey will lead Sun and at the end me. But i know this will lead to interesting developments in the market. IBM has now an stong competitor. Maybe it´s a sign that the open systems market starts to mature. I know … nothing really definitive from my side … but i assume, that my opinion will be more refined in a few days. Some additional comments:

That´s only my personal opinion. The announcement is just a few hours old. So let´s wait for the moment when this deal is finalized and closed.