WinFS, Apple and ZFS

Interesting objection at StorageMojo:

Can Apple Trump Vista With ZFS?
Apple now has a clear path to trump Vista’s aging data management with a port of ZFS. While not offering a relational database and the promise of a single cross-application data store, ZFS is a modern file/storage management system whose end-to-end data integrity and protection makes it a strong foundation for future innovation. NTFS and Apple’s HFS+ are no match for it. Let’s hope Apple says more at their World Wide Developer Conference in August.

The death of WinFS leaves a big and wide open gap. The conventional filesystems, that are in wide use right now, have all their problems, that become more and more obivious now. WinFS was one technology out of this problems. ZFS is another. WinFS is dead, ZFS was born to the wild outside the betaversion-reservation today. Interesting times ahead.