Links of the week

I had several things to do the last few days. So no updates for the last few days. Have to change this.
Okay, i will be on CeBIT this year from beginning to end. So when you want to know who i am: Come to the Sun-booth this year. More time for catching boothgifts-opposums (what´s the right term for “Beutelratte” in english).
There was serveral news in the last few days. I don´t want to comment on our Q2 numbers. David Yen told the press, that Sun wants to prolong the partnership with Fujitsu. I have a somewhat mixed opinion of the Fujitsu-Deal. But this is because of a german speciality.
The galaxy rigs seems to be accepted well in the filed: 8000 units shipped. I had done several Galaxy-Presentations the last few weeks and the system get regulary good comments. It seems, that we´ve done almost everything right with this systems. And new blades are on the way. I was able to read some documents about the new systems. Exciting stuff.
Okay … news about Niagara: We will add logical domains on Sun T1000 and T2000. All you have to do is upgrading the firmware. Additionally there is a chance to see Linux on this system.

The layer also will ease development for the programmers who work on Linux for Sparc-based computers, Yen said. "To facilitate Linux porting...we will publish the API for the internal firmware," he said.

I´m curious to see how Linux scales on such a system. The RWTH Aachen tested the T2000. It´s a good rule of thumb not to use the systems in the HPC-environment. But it seems to me that there are certain exceptions. Very good read.
And at last <a href=”>very good messages from our management about Rock</a>:

Yen is optimistic about Rock. "We feel we may have underestimated a bit due to the conservativeness of predicting performance," he said. Sun had said earlier that Rock systems will offer 30 times the performance of a system with a 1.2GHz UltraSparc III.The cost of the better performance is a chip that's "a little bit bigger, but nowhere near the crazy size of Intel's Itanium", Yen said.