Links of the week.

Okay, sorry for posting nothing trough last last few days. Had customer meetings and a presentation the last few days.
I start this short summary of links with my favorite : HP will start to support Solaris x86. Well, okay … the present it as an easy way to migrate. But when i´m able to stay with my favourite OS (Solaris x86) when i change my hardware vendor, what´s the rationale behind migrating away from Solaris x86. And now think a little bit more: At last it´s not a “Attach Sun” programm, it´s an “Leave the HP big iron business at Sun”. Now you can buy you small servers at HP, and you can still has a consistent operating System when you buy large SMP UltraSPARC-IV+-database servers. Or with the word of the Register:

However, don't expect to see Sun fighting to stop customers from running Solaris on HP's boxes. An army of Solaris-equipped ProLiants would fit right into Sun's ambitious plans to sell more enterprise software and to advance the Solaris franchise.
We hope, for HP's sake, that this Solaris promotion isn't the central piece of the company's Sun Attack program.

And another good one on The Register: Itanium has no x86 hardware emulation anymore:

While confused by Intel's response, we can understand why it was made. It's hard to defend the massive investment on Itanium via any standard means of measurement. In the end, the company has decided that only riddles can save it now.

Ashlee Vance additionally tells the true story about the market share of Itanium. Worth a read.