CeBIT 2009: 2nd day - The Evening

Well … it´s good that between my presentation pod and the train and the first possibility to write a blog entry (the train station) is a 15 minute walk. And it´s even better that i have to travel two hours between my presentation pod and the first opportunity to send this article. This is the eleventh iteratio or so of this paragraph. I was really pissed off in that very moment. I was really angry a second later … now i´m just upset. I assume i will not think about it when i´m home, because i didn´t expected something else from a person i´m connected with in mutual dislike (and i assume total disrespect for me on the other side and starting disrespect for him on my side). I will not write more about it … my professional attitude don´t allow to write more at this location. I will not wash this laundry here . This paragraph is just a small pressure valve for me to prevent explosion … it´s just the first milimeter of a meter of anger … but the guy doesn´t read this blog anyway. But otherwise this day was really good. It was a excellent day I had many interesting discussions … i´ve met several readers of my blog. Most of them just told me, that they read my blog after the discussion. It´s really nice to see my reader in reality. Pageviews are nice. But a simple “Thank You” from real people is a better incentive to keep blogging than any pageview and visit counter. The aisles were vastly more frequented this day. The frequency of discussions was vastly higher today. There were many good discussions. At least at the presentation pod of Detlef and me people often just stops by and just listening to the discussion we have with other people and often i think there were many lightbulbs appearing over their heads. And as far as i observed the other presentations pods it was pretty much the same at other Of course you have a fair share of problematic customers: I had one of them today … going into a “rampant layering discussion” when i just try to explain the virtues of ZFS to another customer. I don´t like such booth visitors. By the way: In it´s third year after it´s integration to Solaris 10 ZFS gets more and more positive comments from users. “ZFS is more sophisticated than any other filesystem”, “ZFS is great”, “If just Linux would stop with the politics and simply integrate ZFS”. I really thought i must talk about new stuff in OpenSolaris to attract new customers as i assumed that ZFS starts to wear off as one of the lead feature of Solaris. To the contrary: It attracts more and more users. We distributed over two-hundred OpenSolaris 2008.11 CDs today. The recent article in c´t about OpenSolaris and ZFS seemed to have an amplifying effect to the interest. Another eye opener is VirtualBox. I really like the puzzled look of some of customers, when they look at a OpenSolaris Desktop onto a OpenSolaris Desktop. Despite of the occurances described in the first paragraph i´m really looking forward for tomorrow. I really like to be at CeBIT. Weird … i know … but everyone has a perversion, and enjoying the CeBIT is only a harmless perversion. I think i will close this day with looking the recent House M.D. episode i´ve recorded yesterday evening, take a shower, chat a little bit with really good friends like local to ensure them that i´m still alive and i still like them and it´s just the CeBIT that lead to the silence …. and then find my way in my bed. Thursday will be hefty. I´m at CeBIT until noon or so … afterwards talk about Solaris and Opensolaris at a customer event near Hannover. See you tomorrow in Hannover!