CeBIT 2009: 2nd day - The Morning

Yawn … 2nd day of CeBIT has just begun … or to be more exact … my second day of CeBIT has just begun, as the fair grounds will open at 09:00. My day starts a little bit earlier. At 05:30 to be exact … my train goes at 07:01. Well … they should distribute caffeine IV in this trains. Communiting everyday? As the best hotel pillow of the world is silver , but your own pillow is golden, i decided two CeBITs ago to commute by train between Hamburg and Hannover Fairground. Better short and deep sleep than a longer, but shallow sleep. You can drive there with a high-speed train in one hour thirty minutes. And you can use the trip back to Hamburg to look a video. BTW: I think i really shocked my seat neighbour with looking an anime with people beheaded by female androids … yes … viewed Ghost in a Shell 2 again … i love this movie. The reaction and the Sun booth is a little bit mixed, but i really like the rule “No suits” for the CeBIT booth teams. It´s a little bit hard for some of our sales peoples not to wear a suit. A colleague told me, that we all look like hosts and hostesses. To be exact: We are hosts and hostesses, just with a different job: Normal hosts deliver coffee and organisatorial stuff stuff (no CeBIT booth would work with out them), we deliver explanations, informations and insights. Not that different. And it really helps when talking with younger admins. Oh my god … younger admins. I felt so old sometimes yesterday … some of the people were at least 10 years younger than myself. I assume I´m one of the experienced, older ones … I´m not one of the young and wild admins. 10 years from now i will tell stories about the good old time, will be full-bearded and tell everyone stories from the trenches 20 years ago like “I´ve repaired hard disks with nothing else than a screw drive, a dirt devil and a soldering iron for a last backup read.” just to earn a puzzled look “Hard drives????”. Time is a monster eating you away, year for year. But back to the dress code: We wear black at CeBIT. Black throusers or skirt (no, i don´t wear a skirt …) and a long-arm polo shirt. But i spell the curse of ever-lasting stinking socks on the person, who decided to opt for “skinny-fit” shirts leaving nothing for imagination in regard of tendencies towards different stages of upcoming adipositas … PS: I really like this moments, when arrogant looking people trying to remove someone from a seat they think they have reserved … just to recognize a few seconds later that they didn´t understand the concept of seat numbers, numbers of the car and train numbers ….