Trip to California - 4th day

I wrote yesterday, that we have an Toyota Prius as a car. Forget this … this car stands at the Monterey Airport now. We had to swap it. Somewhere near Gilroy the windscreen of the car cracked. 20-30cm crack on the drivers side. At least Avis swapped the car without questions asked and now it´s one of this SUV, a Hyundai Santa Fe. Nevertheless it was a really interesting day. The Monterey Aquarium is really must-see albeit it was really loud as it was Sunday and many parents visited the aquarium with their parents:

Aquarium in Monterey

When you are already in Monterey you should really visit Carmel-by-the sea. A great beach. A nice village. And obviously you should drive back to San Francisco via the Highway 1. A time consuming way to get to SF but it´s a great trip. You drive right at the side of the pacific shoreline.

Highway One

BTW: One of the difficult things in the US is refueling … at least when you are accustomed to the european variant without prepaying the fuel.