Me too!

Looks like IBM is somewhat concerned about the Exabyte V2 announcement and that announcement that is like to happen on October 14th. At least there is a loud “We have it, too - kind of” from Armonk. They tout their product IBM DB2 Pure Scale. Power machines with AIX, some infiniband gearand special edition of DB2.

Some educated guesses

Mr. BlueToTheBone is right. Details are sparse at the moment. But just to write down some points, you remember for having a deeper look at after an official announcement. Those points are purely speculative given that the information in the ElReg article are really sparse:

There are some other points, but those are much deeper in the realm of speculation, so i just wait for the announcement for further comments.


Some people say, that Exabyte V2 in its current incarnation is just rushed together in the light of the upcoming merger. But the stuff that IBM told exclusively in the ears of Bluetothebone sounds like kludged together just to counter an competitors announcement. I’m sure that IBM will show of a strange configuration, calling it DB2 Pure Scale. But Frankenstein creation will look as a beauty beside this solution. ;)