EMC acquires DataDomain

Personally i´m thinking that Data Deduplication is vastly overrated, as you need really special data set to get the promised reductions by the vendors. At other points it is even dangerous: Sometimes this duplications are the last line of defence between the disks and going to the tapes. Oh … the vendor told you that Backup2Disk is enough? Well … looks like you have a problem. Anyway, the customers like it. So the next months will be really interesting: EMC was able to acquire Data Domain in a bidding war with Netapp. The problem for Netapp: The plans of Netapp to aquire Data Domain were really sensible. The Netapp Dedup is fairly substandard as i wrote in February so purchasing the technology of Data Domain would have been a good move. Now Netapp has a problem: ZFS will introduce deduplication and bring it to every server. I assume we will see dedup by Data Domain in various EMC products. I think Netapp should fill this gap soon. More due to a marketing need than a technological need.