Extreme Overclocking of an AMD Phenom II

There is an interesting report at xtremesystems.org with some photos about overclocking an AMD Phenom II to almost 6.3 GHz. Okay … you need liquid nitrogen to do so, so it isn´t really relevant for most people, but 4,13 GHz with air cooling is interesting as well. An observer writes:

- We were able to run Crysis @ 6,1 GHz (2 loops CPU-test)
- Max CPU-Z screenshot and validation we got with 4 cores was 6280 MHz (no dirty tricks)
- With air cooling (Cooler Master Z600) highest we got Crysis stable was @ 4,13 GHz (1,58 V)

Looks like the AMD Phenom II has some potential in regard of it´s frequency. PS: By the way … somebody out there with a spare UltraSPARC T2 system? I would purchase some liquid nitrogen ;)