Yet another interesting, but meaningless benchmark by IBM

I really think this is benchmarketing at full throttle. IBM published an new TPC-C record for non-clustered systems. Okay, TPC-C is meaningless, but it´s fun to read the disclosures. Before i start: I hope you remeber the saying “TPC-C is a function about the number of disks, not a benchmark of the complete system”. A configuration with IBM Power 595 Server Model 9119-FHA yielded a TPC-C throughput of 6,085,166 transactions. That´s impressive. Even more impressive: This benchmarketing configuration used the small number of 10.992 disks with 73.4 GB capacity (The second on the list, an HP Superdome, reached 4,092,799 with just 6000 disks ;) ). Ten thousand disks … sounds like a real-world configuration :) PS: It´s a disclosure with an availability 6 month in the future again, the maximum amount of time allowed under the rules of the TPC.