Viral license with a message

Interesting article about the GPL in Paul Murphys blog. This paragraph describes quite good, why there is room for more than one license. Why there has to be room for multiple license

Thus it's perfectly reasonable for anyone, individual or corporation, to use BSD licensed code in a for profit enterprise - but anyone signing on with the GPL has to have independent means of support - like rich parents, a day job, or an emperor's clothing con like Red Hat's pretence to selling expensive support for free software while actually licensing expensive software with some free support.

All OSS licenses opens the source (obviously), the difference is how you can use it from there. And as everyone tends to have it´s own targets and needs, there is no right and wrong about licences. There is only a “does-the-license-fit-or-not”. When you look for an economic standpoint CDDL is surely the more sensible license. For a joint development on a open source projekt, that existed before its relicensing (perhaps even with licensed 3rd party code), CDDL is the more sensible license. But to prevent the take over of a code base developed by a community from almost the first line of code, GPL is definitly the license of choice.