Scientific progress goes boing - polyphonic!

How absurd must the mininum requirements for doing wordprocessing, data entry and spreadsheet get to force companies to rethink their perpetual upgrade cycle of Windows Machines. Heck, you can´t even start Vista on a machine, that was capable to run Wing Commander, the mininum graphic card to start Aero has vastly more compute power than the supercomputers used to calculate the european weather forecasts in the early nineties and you need more memory to start Vista than my computer i´ve used to layout the “Abiturzeitung” of my brother 11 years ago had as harddisk.
The usabiliy doesn´t got that much better since Windows 95. We have still no decent build-in speech recognition, the Apple Newton handwriting recongnition worked quite as good as on 100 Mhz ARM than on a Intel C2D with 25 times the processor frequency. Essentially we have the same things and thoughts in the windows world as in 1995, only in true color, with antialiased fonts and when we make an error, we get an 16-channel polyphonic Dolby Digital 7.1 EX boing.