A decision in favour of Solaris

I have a tweetsearch in Twitterdeck to show me all tweets containing “Solaris”. There are many tweets just talking about the movie “Solaris”, but this search yield gems from time to time. One example is the text “Solaris? Why not Linux?”. It´s a text written about the decision not to go the path to Linux and using Solaris instead. An interesting read from a source outside of Sun:

Now, all of this is not to say that Linux does not have any key features which Solaris cannot match - it certainly does; there are numerous ways in which Linux is better than Solaris, and for some or many situations it's a better choice. It's a case of the most appropriate OS for a given purpose.
Ultimately both OS's have certain features that the other lacks, which is a part of why we use both extensively here at VYRE.