Successful maintainance of the EAL 4+ Evaluation for Solaris 10 05/08

The certification of an evaluation of an evaluation target is only valid for a certain security target in conjunction with a certain evaluation target. Thus when you update your evaluation target, the certification isn´t valid for your updated product. Thus you have to re-evaluate the new version (this takes a really long time) or you have to check if the changes would lead to a different result in the evaluation than with the the original target of evaluation. (for example for Solaris 10 11/06). For Solaris 10 05/08 Sun choosed the second way, thus Sun renewed the EAL 4+ certification for Solaris 10. So the evaluation Solaris 10 05/08 is now certified as well to conform with the EAL 4+:

All changes to the TOE were bug fixes. Through functional and regression testing of Solaris 10 Release 05/08 assurance gained in the original TOE certification was maintained. As all of the changes to the TOE have been classified as minor, it is the conclusion of the CB that the maintained TOE is appropriate for assurance continuity and reevaluation is not required.