Less known Solaris Features: Point-in-time copy with AVS - Part 11: Conclusion

I hope i gave you some insight into this really interesting feature of Solaris and Opensolaris. There are vast posibilities to use it in your daily use. It´s not limited to desaster recovery or backups. One of my customers uses this tool to create independent copies of their database. They take a snapshot at midnight and export it on a different database server. The rationale for this process: They run some long running analytics with a huge load on the I/O system on this independent copy. By using the copy the analysis doesn´t interfere with the production use of the database. Another customer uses this feature for generating test copies of their production data for testing new software versions. You see, the possibilties are vast and virtually endless.

Do you want to learn more?

docs.sun.com: Sun StorageTek AVS 4.0 Point-in-Time Copy Software Administration Guide
docs.sun.com: Manpage of iiadm Misc.
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