No more jokes about anti-encryption laws (updated)

It was a joke i wrote at the beginning of this year about anti-encryption laws like the british RIPA act, which mandates that you must hand over you encryption keys in case a law enforcement agency asks you for it. At this time i speculated in The desperate need for deniable encryption about an easy way to send someone to jail: Sending the person a long mail without giving im the secret key. The problem with this joke? This got true in the UK according to an article of The Register: Animal rights activist hit with RIPA key decrypt demand. And the really bad part of this news: Government introduced such laws in the fight against terrorism. Now you see how this laws are really used. Against an animal rights activist. This laws were not made to fight terrorism, they are made to fight against the different. And this is the reasons why we have to oppose data retention laws, a central authority for eavesdropping. They will never catch a terrorist, they will catch only people with a different mindset. Update: I know, the animal rights movement in the UK is far far away from being a pacifist organisation and to some extend there are similarities to terrorism (btw: in my opinion terrorits are just criminals, and you have to fight them with good old police work, but laws are cheap, and police men and women are expensive). But this law is absolutly dangerous. It´s to easy to place an encrypted file on a system. How can you prove, that´s not your encrypted data on the disk? It would be easy with the encryption key. But what happens, when the data is not yours. You can´t prove it, because you don´t have the encryption key? Sounds like a Catch 22. And the privacy of millions of citizens is a way to large collateral damage just to make the job of the police a little bit easier. Law enforcement has to work on the solid ground of laws without such problems, everything else is just problematic for any democratic government.