New blades from Sun

Sun announced a number of new blades for the Blade 6000 chassis yesterday. From my perspective two of them were especially interesting. The first one is the Sun Blade 6000 disk module. It´s an 8-slot disk module based on SAS (you will find in-depth informations in the Sun Blade™ 6000 Disk Module Configuration Guide manual).

The other important was the Sun Blade T6340 server module. This blade is equiped with two UltraSPARC T2+ procs. Thus you have 128 threads in one blade in a system and up to 256 GB of memory. When you look at the blade, you will recognize that a large part of the circuit board is occupied by memory slots. At the moment this is the blade with the biggest memory capacity in the industry.

In addition to this both blades we´ve announced a dual-proc Opteron based blade with the X6240 for the Blade Server 6000 chassis. The Blade Sun Netra CP3250 ATCA. This isn´t a standard blade for the 6000 or 8000 blade chassis. It´s a Xeon server blade for usage in telco blade servers.