Ashlee Vance about the Sun/NTAP dispute

Ashlee did a nice analysis about the ongoing dispute in the blogs of Jonathan and Dave Hitz:

Given that the blogging back-and-forth adds no muscle to the actual dispute between the companies, we're surprised that Hitz has chosen to continue on this quest given the obvious public relations disaster that NetApp faces.


To that commenter's point, Schwart'z blog posts mostly rely on rhetoric surrounding the merits of open source software and the expensive, proprietary nature of NetApp's products. Schwartz also finds plenty of time to plug Sun's storage gear. Hitz, meanwhile, issues a not so pleasant post about how NetApp employees need not worry about keeping their jobs just because Sun has countersued NetApp seeking to stop shipments of all its major products. Hitz tries to reassure his staff and customers, although just talking about NetApp's demise - however unlikely - feels like an awful thing for an executive to dwell on in public.