Q4FY2006 - Pressemitteilung

Die Pressemitteilung zur Bekanntgabe der Q4FY2006-Zahlen ist eine durchaus interessante Lektüre. Auf zwei Dinge moechte ich da gesondert hinweisen.

  1. Da es in vielen Veröffentlichungen gerne vergessen wird:
Cash generated from operations for the fourth quarter was $410 million and cash and marketable debt securities balance at the end of the quarter was $4.848 billion.
  1. Der hohe Verlust wird wie folgt erklaert:
GAAP net loss for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2006 included: $86 million principally related to intangible asset amortization associated with recent acquisitions, $63 million of stock-based compensation charges relating to the adoption of SFAS 123R, $228 million of restructuring charges and an $8 million benefit for related tax effects, $70 million in impairment of acquisition-related intangible assets, $54 million in settlement income, and a $4 million loss on equity investments. In addition, we incurred a $58 million tax charge and $14 million reduction in other income due to a repatriation of foreign earnings. The net impact of these nine items was approximately ($0.13) per share.