Even more about ZFS

When you still think that ZFS is only old wine in new bottles, you should read Smokin´ Mirrors. Jeff Bronwick explains there the process of resilvering discs after a failure. In my humble personal opinion Zettabyte Filesystem is a really brilliant design.
And by the way: This is not the end of the development. At opensolaris there is a ZFS-Crypto-Project. The most interesting feature possible by integrating cryptography in ZFS is the secure deletion by throwing away keys. Regarding this topic, you should read the paper of Radia Perlman about “File System Design with Assured Delete”. The concept is awesome in it´s simplicity. As a extreme simplification: You don´t have to delete the data, you have only to delete the key to access the data. The rest is garbage collection. And yes, it´s the same Radia Perlman who invented the Spanning Tree Protocol.