BW Online | September 10, 2004 | Orchestrating Tech's

BW Online | September 10, 2004 | Orchestrating Tech’s “Loony Tunes”
Am interessantesten finde ich diesen Abschnitt:

Many of the major companies have sprung from people pursuing their own interests. Look at the founders of Sun Microsystems (SUNW ), the founders of Apple Computer (AAPL ), the founders of Cisco Systems (CSCO ), the founders of Yahoo!, the founders of Google -- all of these people were developing their own interests and backed into marketplaces.
In all of those cases, it was the satisfaction of personal curiosity colliding with a market current that was underappreciated. That might perhaps explain the randomness. There are so many companies where people developed a product to solve a problem that they were confronting, and almost accidentally toppled into a market that was much larger than anybody had ever anticipated.