The future of TPC ?

Interesting article about new TPC benchmark suites. It´s good to see, that the media support Sun opinion, that TPC-C is absolutly useless this days. It should be subsituted by something more realistic sooner than later:

One problem with TPC-C was the ease with which certain servers could generate unrealistically high scores using hardware and software configurations that are highly improbable in the real world. For example, high TPC-C scores come from servers with colossal numbers of hard drives--6,548 in the case of IBM's top score.


Another problem hinged on the fact that TPC-C's test was easily distributed among relatively independent servers linked in a cluster. That gave the impression that a number of inexpensive machines were as good as a single multiprocessor behemoth, leading the consortium to list results separately for clustered and non-clustered systems.