30-day Song Challenge - Day 1: Your favorite song

Music is an important part of my life. And i’m really interested in the music other people are listening. I think it’s really a window to the soul of other people, because music is emotion in a small dose and thus they express emotions of the people listening the music and using the shot of emotion. Thus i really like the idea of the 30-day Song challenge i found in blog of Mrs. Local. Thirty days and each day gives some answers about the music some likes to listen … or not. When you want to know the answers of this challenges beforehand, just look in the blog article of Mrs. Local :) But the answer to the first question is the hardest one of all questions in that challenge … the favorite song. The answer to this question is a function of t. But at the moment i would answer with “Arcadia (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix)” played by Apparat , you will find on the “Things to be frickled” album. It’s a really beautiful song that is deeply moving me.

What's the point of waiting
For life to come
I could go further
And no one's surprised
Your plans collapse, run off or fall apart...

I would really like to know the answers to the challenges … feel free to put your answer in the comment section :)