Hardware review: Ultimate Ears super.fi 4vi

I wrote some days ago in Twitter, that i purchased some Ultimate Ears super.fi 4vi as my old original iPhone phones. This was a little bit tricky, as i wanted headphones with an integrated mic for telephone calls. Now i used them for a few day and it´s time for a recommendation. These headphones are excellent. Good sound, good bass. I suspect, that the users complaining about a weak bass weren´t able to seal the ear with the ear pieces. In-ear headphones need to seal the ear to get good bass. Once this seal is closed you get a good and precise bass response from the headphones. My tip: Throw away the original headphones, they are an insult to the sound of an iPhone or iPod, there are much better alternatives. The build quality seems to be good from my view. The metal casing of the drivers looks excellent. There is a big disadvantage with this ear phones. They close out the ambient sounds around you very effectivly. Nice for hearing music, but somewhat disturbing when you stand on the platform for your train, and you wonder from where all the people come because you didn´t heared the incoming train on the other plattform. They are not effective as active noise cancellation headphones, at least in a turboprop Dornier 328. My QC2 are better in this category, but the sound of super.fi´s is better. The Ultimate Ears burn quite a big hole in your pocket. I´ve paid 129 Euros at Amazon. That´s an huge price tag for some in-ears. But at the moment i think the headphones are worth each Euro i´ve spend.