P2V tool for native zones

A while ago, it seemed unreasonable to me, that we have tools to convert Solaris 8 and Solaris 9 systems to branded zones, but no tools to convert Solaris 10 system to native zones. Thus i filed the change request 6667924 in the bug database. Well, the change request was transformed into a ARC proposal (it´s 2008/766), it was approved and is now code in Opensolaris (in build 109). Thanks to Gerald Jelinek for putting my CR into reality. As you see, filing Change Requests is a good way to see your suggestions in the code. The the developers have to be aware of the stuff you want to see in Solaris. Just complaining about a missing feature doesn´t help anyone. It doesn´t help us, it doesn´t help the community, and finally it doesn´t help you.