Redundant I/O domains with LDOMS

An commentator at this article stated, that you don´t have redundant I/O servers. My colleague Martin Mueller pointed me at the Immersion Week to a fact that i wasn´t really aware of (albeit it´s obvious when you read the documentation, i just didn´t really thought about this topic): It´s perfectly possible to configure a redundant I/O domain with LDOMS (albeit there it´s not possible on every LDOMS capable server) Most of the UltraSPARC T-class based systems have multiple PCIe busses. It´s a valid configuration to boot up two I/O domains and giving both of them one of the PCIe busses. When one of the I/O domains fails, it´s still capable to use services reachable by the other domain. There is even a good blueprint about such configurations - LDOMs I/O Best Practices: Data Reliability with Logical Domains PS: This is one of the two things i´ve learned in Jena. About the other thing i´m not allowed to talk … the “Stay tuned” in Jonathans talk at CEC makes much more sense now … ;)