Nokia Sports Tracker Beta

One of the nice features of my new Nokia E71 mobile is the integrated GPS receiver. So i searched for a tool to use it as a GPS tracking device for geotagging of photos. I found such a tool … it´s even from Nokia. This tool was developed for tracking sport workouts, but it allows you to export your tracks as GPX or KML files as well, so you can use it for photo geotagging (for people like me). Yesterday evening i´ve decided to walk from cinema to home instead of using the subway and played around with the tool. You can directly upload at home. You can even activate “Life Tracking” so other people can look at your workout while you are at workout. I didn´t use this feature. I´m not a fan of this kind of exhibitionism and obviously it´s a security risk. It tracks speed, altitude, position and allows you to look at some analytic screens while tracking (for example time/speed, time/altitude and similar graphs)

You can share your tracks with friends of with anyone. I opened up the track from the picture above for everyone, so you can take a look at the data collected by the tool. The application for your mobile and additional informations are available at the website of the Nokia Research Center