I've got a Fever

When you are interested in feed readers and didn’t lived under a stone the in the last few days, you may have read that the Google Reader will go out of operation soon. That’s a pity, because i really liked to use it, either directly or via Reeder.

So i searched for an alternative and i found one although it’s pay ware and you need a server for it. It’s Fever. You can have a look at it and buy it here. So far i really like it. At first it’s a service you have to host on your self, i really like that as i don’t give my subscription data to Google or someone else. But even more interesting is the feature that gives Fever it’s name. It used all you feeds to find out topics blogs are talking about more often. The “more often” is expressed in a temperature. Really nice idea. At the moment i’m importing my feeds, however i do it manually and make a spring-cleaning on all the feeds to remove everything that i don’t really read anymore and by skipping through it..