Froscon 2011

Yesterday i held my deduplication talk at the Froscon 2011. I think it was acceptable and the lecture room 3 was really filled. To be honest: I don’t expected such an audience at that time. So a big thank you for all who attended the talk. My talk started at 10:00 o’clock and thanks to apron parking, a rental car pickup in the feeled middle of nowhere in Düsseldorf and a larger traffic jam near Cologne led to an arrival at 09:58 … with a presentation at 10:00 and the urgent need to visit the restroom before a disaster happens. I had just a short time at Froscon … i had a date with my house, that still needs work and don’t accept when i’m saying “No … not this weekend”. And thus i was back in the rental car at 11:45 and was back in Lueneburg shortly after 15:00, ten hours after leaving home. 3.30h for 430km … not that bad for an Opel Corsa. However there is something i’ve recognized: I’m really missing standing in front of customers and technically interested people and trying to transfer my enthusiasm for technology. I’m really missing being on the road.