Ulrich Gräf

Perhaps you’ve heard it from other sources, but there is sad news: Ulrich Graef, a great colleague and one of the luminaries of the german and worldwide Solaris community passed away last week after a rather short illness. Some colleges of him opened a website to give friends, colleagues and customers who know and like him an opportuinity to express their condolences. When you want to add yourself to the list, then send a mail to condolences@ulrichgraef.rootpool.org. The website itself is available at ulrichgraef.rootpool.org. It’s planed to give a printed copy of the condolences to the family of Ulrich to show them how important Uli was for many people, so when you write a text for the website, please write in german language when you are able to do so and add an english version when you like to do so, otherwise it’s fine to write in english, the peoples behind the website will translate it for the printed version.