Monty tries to get public support for his cause

Disclaimer: This is my personal opion. Not the one of Sun, Oracle or someone else. Period. I wrote this article this morning, but just found time to put it online I’m standing on the parking lot of my customer, but i have some time before my meeting starts, so i decided to write a short comment. Mr. Widenius proceed to use classic FUD tactics about his endeavor to regain control of Mysql, a control he lost when Sun purchased Mysql for 1 billion dollars from the people owning it before. One of them was Mr. Widenius. I’ve got a mail from Mr. Widenius about a telephon call, but after this blog article and his FUD comment (especially the one at DECEMBER 15, 2009 12:20 AM), i don’t feel like having a senseless telephone call with this person. In my personal opinion, a line must be drawn … right here, right now. The offerings of Oracle provide a safe harbor for the further development of Mysql even for the more paranoid people. And 5 years are more than enough to build an own business around Mysql not needing the help of the moniker Mysql. Even when Oracle decides to throw away all commitments after the five years. And by the way: Given the speed of the NoSQL movement, i’m not really sure that Mysql will play the same role than today in five years from now. Within or outside of Oracle. I really think this is more than enough to ensure to future of Mysql, more is just to ease the business for Mr. Widenius. And i don’t think that the EC should work in favor a single person. Personally i’m thinking that his article “Help Saving MySQL” should be renamed to “Help Saving Monty Program AB” … but that’s a different story ;)